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Title: Speak gently if you're truly lost
Fandom: Small Trolls
Characters: Wood Lily (OC)
Rating: 0+
Length: 16 lines poetry (+ character design image)
Summary: It isn't easy to find her, and if you do see her, you must be very lost....
Other: My entry for the Small Trolls character design contest*. :D
She's inspired by the flower of the same name*.

Speak gently if you're truly lost

Twirling in the forest deep
on crisp clear northern nights

look closely and you'll see her
dancing in the thin moon's light.

Speak gently if you're truly lost
sharp words will send her running

two promises are all she'll ask
in return for careful guiding:

"Don't stray from forest paths," she says
"You'll find these woods unfriendly.

Let bright orange flowers live and bloom -
they're my favourites; leave them kindly."

She'll lead you if you promise true
make vows to this shy lady

but unless you are most deeply lost,
you'll never meet Wood Lily.

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