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Title: Wind chill
Fandom: Stand Still Stay Silent
Characters/Pairing: Original characters - Vesa/Suvi
Rating: 0+
Length: 250 words
Summary: Sleep doesn't come easily on a night like this.
Other: Stumbled over a flashfic prompt for cuddling for warmth; felt like writing something self-indulgent.

Wind chill

Even with the stove gnawing away at its logs, the air in their home was cold.

Suvi sucked in a breath as her husband slid back into bed. His feet brushed icily against hers, and she jerked away.

"Do you think that'll be enough?" she murmured sleepily, nodding toward the stove.

"It'll last until morning," Vesa said softly. He drew the quilts up high, burying under them until hardly anything of him was visible.

Between them, their son stirred in his sleep, but didn't wake.

The wind was loud out there. Sharp. Screaming. It sounded almost like something else. Like the cries she'd heard before, outside the walls, when she was on the job. In the forest. In the rotted bones of the old city. Along the cracked black roads that led to villages where only dead things lived.

But the things she remembered wouldn't be out on a night like this, and that, at least, was a blessing.

"At least we aren't out there," Suvi whispered. It had been ages since she'd worked nights, but she knew the snow and the darkness, the way it felt to duck her head against the wind. "They must be having a rough time of it."

"Mmm," Vesa mumbled in response.

Was he asleep already? It seemed impossible, even after the long day.

Suvi sighed. Her nose was cold. She dipped her face beneath the covers and wriggled closer to the warm bodies beside her.

Sleep would be hard to get back to.

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Ahh, cozy.

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