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Title: Soft Summer Night
Fandom: A Redtail's Dream
Characters/Pairing: Joona/Hannu
Rating: 10+
Length: ~550 words
Summary: These are the sort of moments that Hannu wants to hold on to.
Other: Whenever it's super hot outside, I end up wanting to write something that catches that sort of lazy relaxed feeling. Prompt was: Joona/Hannu, silence, hair [Original post]

Soft Summer Night

The summer's eye-searing brightness was a real pain in the ass. But inside Hannu's house, at least, it was cool and dark.

Off came the sunglasses as soon as he and Joona slipped in through the door, Ville trailing by at their feet. Ice water from the fridge, droplets of coolness condensing on the glass. Ice cubes dropped into Ville's water dish. Then retreating to Hannu's room, to sprawl out on his bed while the fan blew cold air over them, humming low over the sound of the radio in the corner.

Hannu closed his eyes.

Joona was draped next to him. Partly over him, too. But the room was cool enough that Hannu found he didn't mind. Or maybe he was just too tired to complain, too exhausted from the long walk they'd taken in that too-bright sunlight. Didn't have the energy to shove him off, or to do anything else.

Quiet, for once. Not a word. They were both out of it. Dozy. Fine, he thought. As long as Joona kept his mouth shut, didn't try to get him to talk when he was feeling like this, it would be fine.

Hannu was content to let it be.

He let his fingers slide. Trailed them along Joona's shoulders, and after a moment, he gently tugged Joona's long hair loose from its elastic. There was a huff of breath - a questioning sound - but aside from that, nothing. No "What are you doing?" or "Why?" or anything like that. No teasing comments. If there had been, Hannu could have made up some bullshit, pulled some answer out of his ass, muttered something about how it was halfway falling out from its tie anyway.

But Joona didn't say anything, just gave a little shiver at the contact, and tilted his head a bit so Hannu could touch his hair, like he knew what Hannu was after.

He threaded his fingers through it, taking his time. Going slowly, gently, taking in the way the soft strands slipped through.

Hannu knew that the moment Joona decided to move, he'd have to tie all that hair back again. And if he didn't, Hannu would tell him to do it. The one time he hadn't, he'd got a mouth full of it when they -

Well. Whatever.

Hannu cracked his eyes open. Stared up at the ceiling, watching the sunlight that filtered in through the cracks in the blinds. It moved in time with the trees outside, sending drops of gold scattering in the dark when the wind stirred the branches.

He coiled Joona's hair around his fingers, then let it go. Slipped it through again, wrapped it around his hand again, and let it go. Listened, all the while, to the low hum of the fan. The drone of the radio. The soft, even tempo of Joona's breathing. He'd fallen asleep just as he was, draped halfway over Hannu, and for a moment Hannu thought about moving to shove him off.


Better to just leave well enough alone. Just take that perfect moment as it was, even if it meant there would be pins and needles later.

He just wanted to hold on to that snapshot of silence, the quiet and the dark and the scent of sunscreen and the softness between his fingers. Keep it close.

Just for a while.
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