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Title: A moment of your time
Fandom: ??? Tistow... Odie... crossover... AU?
Characters/Pairing: Veeti/Jáhko
Rating: 10+ for references to intimacy
Length: ~750 words, ish
Summary: And the afternoon turns to evening. Second part to Coffee for two, sweets for three.
Other: This was originally going to be integrated into the first fic, but I decided to separate the pieces in the end. Reading part 1 first is recommended.
Same notes as part 1 applies - this was inspired by the cameo in the Odie comic. So, modern mundane AU (I suppose). Fandom tags are placeholders until I can figure out a suitable way to label this.

A moment of your time

The sun was fading when they made it back to Jáhko's flat. Clouds slipped in, sneaking to cover the sun that had poured light on them all day.

Well. That was all right.

It had been a good day, and Veeti was grateful for just how well everything had turned out. Between one thing and another, it was hard, at times, to set aside time when the two of them could meet up to see one another. When they could take an afternoon to just walk together, or have coffee in the sunlight. But they still found those moments – sought them out and savoured them. Veeti held on to them when those days were over, keeping them close until the next time they could meet up and see each other.

He'd do the same with this one.

Jáhko's hand was warm as he led Veeti to his bedroom. Maybe they were rushing with this, but who could blame them? It would be a while before they could see each other again like this, instead of quick evenings stolen when they had so much as a sliver of time, falling into each other's arms and too exhausted to actually do anything together. It was hard not to keep that in mind as Jáhko led him into the comfortable, familiar dark.

Veeti pressed the door shut. Then he pressed Jáhko against it.

The soft, surprised sound that Jáhko made sent a smile spreading over Veeti's lips. He didn't let him have a chance to speak; he tilted his head and caught his mouth before he could even get a word out.

After that, Jáhko didn't even try to say anything. He was pliant against Veeti, his mouth softening to return the kiss as easily as it was given. After a moment, his hands settled to cup Veeti's head, gently pulling his hair loose from its tie so he could sink his fingers into it.

Veeti couldn't hold back a soft noise, muffling it against Jáhko's lips. He let his hands slide, trailing fingertips along his shoulders and then down, resting finally at his waist. Was that a shiver?


Veeti grinned. Pressed him more firmly against the door, enjoying the shape of Jáhko's body against his own. It felt good to hold him there, to have him where he wanted him, after an entire afternoon of staring at the sun in his hair, his long-fingered hands, his laughing eyes.

Slowly, deliberately, he nudged Jáhko's feet apart.

Later, as the two of them rested sprawled out on Jáhko's bed, it was impossible not to feel content.

They hadn't bothered to turn on the lamp. Streaks of light from outside spilled through the slats in the blinds, late evening sunlight brushing gold wherever it landed. The radio was turned on low, and its soft noise filtered through the room, almost inaudible.

Veeti sighed as long, gentle fingers stroked through his hair. Eyes drifting shut, he nuzzled against Jáhko's neck, and pressed his face to the curve of his shoulder. They would have to get up eventually; if nothing else, they wouldn't get any sleep if they stayed like this, half-dressed and draped over bedclothes that had been yanked only halfway off in their haste to get to the mattress.

Outside, a dog barked.

"I wonder if that dog found his way back home," Veeti murmured dozily.


"The one we saw today." A yawn. "The one you were going to bring home."

"Oh." Jáhko's fingers coiled in his hair, gently wrapping the strands around them, then easing to let the curls slide. "Sure. It's like I told you. That dog knows what he's at. He'll be fine."

"It's too bad we weren't able to bring him with us."

"Yeah." A pause. "'Cept then you would've spent this whole time gushing over him."

Veeti snorted. "As if you wouldn't have, too." He nosed his way to Jáhko's cheek, then brushed a kiss to his mouth before he could object. He was soft under him, yielding easily, and as those gentle hands swept his hair away from his face, Veeti found himself sighing.

Maybe it wouldn't hurt to stay a while longer. Later – a while later – they would get themselves together. Throw some clothes on, and maybe step outside for a while so that Veeti could take some air, and so Jáhko could have a smoke.

But for now, Veeti decided, just for now... They could stay where they were, wrapped comfortably together in the warm dark.

Date: 2017-07-11 12:58 am (UTC)
broadbeam: Reynir/Lalli with stars (Reynir/Lalli - stars)
From: [personal profile] broadbeam
Hee, I so bet that dog barking outside was Odie! :D Nice surprise waiting for them when they go out for air/a smoke! I really loved the first part and this one too! The way you write their intimacy is so...I can't find the words but I'm thinking picturesque. It makes me just want to imagine I am Veeti and sink right into Jáhko's arms. I just really love it, it's so beautiful! :D

And as I said in my other comment, how adorable is Odie! <3

Happy Birthday!

Date: 2017-07-11 01:43 am (UTC)
yuuago: (Small Trolls - Jáhko - Doze)
From: [personal profile] yuuago
<3 This is the scene I wanted to write from the moment I saw that picture of them together... Just being soooo cozy and content and happy together. *_* I don't know WHAT it is about these two, they're just so lovely.


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