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Title: Remembering sunlight
Fandom: Tistow
Characters/Pairing: Jáhko Hammarström
Rating: 0+
Length: 28 lines poetry
Summary: Thoughts of home - just for a moment.
Other: Inspired by all those moments when the slightest turn of light, or a hint of scent, can bring back a specific time, or place, or moment, or....
Experimenting a little bit with visual form here. It works out better on paper than in digital format, I think.

Remembering sunlight

Noise pounds my head
as crowds roar past

so many lives crammed

into these tight crowded streets
this thick smoky air.

The grey sky splits
cracks open to blue

spills sunlight like fresh yolk
drags my mind for memories.

I stand in the bright
dazzled and squinting

suddenly back home

falling deep


the taste of clear air

gold summer's night

honey on my tongue

the hush of the forest

your ringing laughter

sending joy rushing

from my head down

to my cold bare toes.

Then I breathe again,
and there's the city

its noise and its smog
dreary damp and drizzling

hard cobblestones under
my tired feet.

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