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Title: The Tern's Flight
Fandom: Stand Still Stay Silent
Characters/Pairing: Seija (OC)/Tuuri
Rating: 0+
Length: 24 lines poetry
Summary: She'll keep this memory in her heart, and some day she'll come around again.
Other: I'll write some prose with this pairing some day, definitely. But for now... well. :V
Prompt was: any SSSS F/F - sunlight on her face [Original post]

The Tern's Flight

Of the things I’ll keep
when I go back north
slipping upriver with
stories and trade
one thing I’ll wrap
tight close to my heart –

That sweet southern girl
bright eyes round cheeks
wide smiling little bird
oh, tell me again
how much you love
the way my accent rolls.

You’ll never come close
to this home of mine
sail up the river-road
or walk Oulujärvi’s shore
you curious, blood fragile thing
they’d never grant you the papers.

So I’ll wrap up the memory
soft fingers on my lips
a promise to come again
thin sunlight kissing your face
waving from the dock
as I wing away on bright water.

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