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Title: Your dream fills my sails
Fandom: Stand Still Stay Silent
Characters/Pairing: Tuuri/Seija (OC)
Rating: 0+
Length: ~550
Summary: The time they have together will end, eventually.
Other: Prompt was Tuuri/OFC - hair-stroking + first love. [Original post] I've wanted to write something like this with them, but didn't quite hit what I wanted here, so I might revisit the idea some day.
Title is from Olav H. Hauge's poem "We don't sail the same sea".

Your dream fills my sails

Short, thick, ashy hair, tickling at Tuuri's palms as she slides her fingers through it. She laughs at the way it feels, then keeps going.

From where she rests with her head in Tuuri's lap, Seija cracks open her eyes, looking up at her. "What's got you laughing?" When she speaks, her voice rolls softly, a strange lilt to her accent that Tuuri has never heard before, and could listen to for ages.

"Your hair. It's so fuzzy! I like it."

"Mm..." A soft, satisfied sigh. She closes her eyes again, tilts her head into Tuuri's touch. "It's getting too long for river-work. Wouldn't dream of going out with it like this. But if you like it, I won't cut it again until I have to leave."

Tuuri thinks about this, and slows her gentle stroking, letting the short strands slip from her fingers. She doesn't like the thought of Seija leaving; in fact, she'd rather not think about it at all.

It wasn't long ago that this woman stepped into her life, coming to Keuruu on the boat, with her calm eyes and her confident smile and her packages of mail and reports from far away, somewhere tucked away in the north where only a few can go. Oh, the stories she had to tell.

Tuuri can't remember ever feeling the same way about anyone else.

"You could stay here," Tuuri says softly, letting her fingertips wander to trace the broad lines of Seija's cheekbones.

"Hmm. No." She turns her head, catches Tuuri's fingers in time to press a kiss to them. "Sorry, but no. Even your adorable face couldn't keep me from going back home."

Tuuri is torn between blushing and pouting. Against her will, she does both. She slides her fingers through that soft, fuzzy hair again, remembering what Seija said the first time she asked about it; that she likes to keep it as short as possible, so short that nothing could ever grasp hold of it. Tuuri realizes, now, just how long it must have been since she left Kajaani. Still, she asks once again, because she wants to. Because it can't hurt. "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure. Can't say I like staying away longer than planned; after a while, people start thinking you're dead."

It's hard to argue against that. "I see," Tuuri says softly. She thinks for a moment. What could she say to keep her here? "They have a radio in Kajaani, right? Maybe you could send notice that you changed your plans -"

"I'm not changing my plans."

Those words aren't hard, but they are final. Tuuri closes her eyes. Thinking about this hurts; there's a tightness in her chest, settling there. She wonders if it will stay.

She tries to remember how much more time they have alone together. When did Onni say he would be back? It can't have been more than an hour ago. So that leaves them another hour together, at least. That's enough. "...Tell me another story, then."

"What kind of story?"

"Something about what it's like when you go home."

Seija starts speaking again. Her voice rolls as she talks of rapids and black forests, of slipping up dark rivers into a sparkling lake that Tuuri will never see.

Tuuri listens, and strokes her hair, and wishes she could hold onto this moment forever.
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