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Title: All Clear
Fandom: Hetalia
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Denmark
Rating: 13+ for language + references to sex
Length: 1k
Summary: After the smoke settles, Netherlands is there. Denmark knows what he's really after, and that's fine - as long as he has someone to lean against.
Other: Set directly after the Battle of the Sound. Written for Sara Generis/Kanadka for Chocolate Box Exchange. :) [Original post]

All Clear )
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Title: Hyggelig
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Norway/Denmark
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: 500 words
Summary: On a night like this, with the three of them together, Denmark is grateful for what he has.
Other: I was taking requests on tumblr; Kremaclassi wanted some Ned/Nor/Den. No problem! [original post]

Hyggelig )
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Title: Firm Form, Soft Touch
Characters/Pairing: Norway/Denmark
Rating: 18+ for sex (negotiation, Norway topping, Denmark crossdressing, and other fun stuff)
Length: 5.6k
Summary: They've been close for a long time, but that doesn't mean that there isn't anything new left to learn about each other.
Other: Written for [community profile] nordipalooza fest (Original post). Prompt was Norway, Denmark - Frills.

Firm Form, Soft Touch )
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Title: Salmon Rolls
Characters/Pairing: Denmark and Sweden. References to Sweden->Finland.
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: 950
Summary: Denmark gives Sweden some badly-needed relationship advice.
Other: This is meant to be a companion fic to Worth Waiting For; the letter Sweden sent in that story is referred to here.

Salmon Rolls )
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Title: Diplomacy
Characters/Pairing: Denmark and Germany
Rating: 10+
Length: 230
Summary: Denmark receives an apologetic letter, and though he'd like to reject it, it's a start.
Other: This was a response to a tumblr request: "Denmark and Germany after WWII" (Original post)

Diplomacy )
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Title: Good ideas
Characters/Pairing: Norway/Denmark
Rating: 18+, contains bondage etc
Length: 274
Summary: Sometimes, Denmark has good ideas.
Other: Response to a drabble prompt thread on the APH Anon Meme. (original post)

Good ideas )
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Title: Relations in the window are closer than they may appear
Characters/Pairing: Denmark/Iceland
Rating: 13+ for vague references to sex
Length: ~700
Summary: If someone looks through the glass, they'll see them, and hear them, but they won't know the whole story.
Other: Written for the DenIce fest. Prompt was "through the glass".

Relations in the window are closer than they may appear  )
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Title: Autumn Apples
Characters/Pairing: Denmark and Norway
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: ~260
Summary: Denmark helps Norway get his apples picked before the snowfall.
Other: Written for Fall Fandom Week on Tumblr. (Original Post)

Autumn Apples )
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Title: To Cleanse Your Tarnished Dreams
Characters/Pairing: Norway/Denmark
Rating: 13+
Length: ~2600
Summary: Once again, Denmark fought. Once again, he lost. And as Norway sews him back together, he wonders what will happen after this.
Other: This was meant as a companion to Wishing for Solace. I can't remember which specific battle the setting was supposed to be; maybe it was set some time during the Scanian War. Started writing this in 2012 and only just finished it now.

To Cleanse Your Tarnished Dreams )
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Title: Ifs, Ands, and Buts
Characters/Pairing: Denmark and Norway
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: 850 words
Summary: Norway's stuck with Denmark all summer, whether he wants to be or not.
Other: Set some time during the 1660s (probably). Written as a response to a 60-minute flashfic challenge at the anonmeme. The prompt was "I can't believe I'm stuck with you all summer". (Original posting)

Ifs, Ands, and Buts )
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Title: Øresundsbron
Characters/Pairing: Denmark/Sweden
Rating: 10+
Length: ~830 words
Summary: They used to be at each other's throats; now the bridge ties them together.
Other: The Øresund Bridge is pretty cool. This is another fic for APH Rarepair Week on Tumblr. (Original entry)

Øresundsbron )
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Title: Breathe and Abide
Characters/Pairing: Sweden/Denmark
Rating: 18+ for sex
Length: ~1400 words
Summary: It wasn't like this before. It is now, and it's good.
Other: Contains some consensual non-negotiated breathplay. Sort of. Written for Nordipalooza 2014. (Original Post)

Breathe and Abide )
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Title: (Don't) Stop Staring
Characters/Pairing: Norway/FemDenmark
Rating: 18+ for sex etc
Length: 4,000 words
Summary: Norway's trying to do some work, but Denmark is extremely distracting.
Other: Started writing this ages ago; only finished just now. Written as a fill for the Hetalia kink meme. (Original post)

(Don't) Stop Staring )
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Title: Mixed Messages
Characters/Pairing: Denmark/Norway
Rating: 10+ish
Length: ~600
Summary: When it comes to serious stuff, Denmark isn't always good at finding the right way to say what he means.
Other: Set sometime early on in their union. Response to an anonmeme ficlet challenge, prompt was "First kiss". (Original post)

Mixed Messages )
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Title: Test Drive
Characters/Pairing: Norway/FemDenmark (sort of)
Rating: 18+
Length: 450 words
Summary: Denmark saw an opportunity to try something new, and took it.
Other: Relates to a roleplay plot on the anonmeme in which Denmark was turned into a woman via magic, then got Norway to help with... trying out some new experiences. Written for the Aph anon meme promptmeme at [personal profile] gingerbreadgif. (Original post). Originally intended to make it longer, but decided to stick with it as is.

Test Drive )
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Title: Raincoat (Gay)
Characters/Pairing: Denmark/Norway/(voyeur)Ukraine
Rating: 15+
Length: 388
Summary: Denmark, Norway, and Ukraine make a porno. Inspired by that one set of "stats" floating around that apparently reveal that Ukrainians like gay raincoat porn. ('Raincoat' in that context probably refers to condoms, but it's cuter if taken literally)
Other: From a captcha challenge at the APH anon meme. "Use a captcha list as inspiration for your ficlet". My captcha was The yellow rainjacket is what colour? (Original post)

Raincoat (Gay) )
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Title: Sound Dues
Characters/Pairing: Denmark and Netherlands
Rating: 10+ ish
Length: ~1800 words
Summary: Sometimes there just isn't anything you can do except wait for the wind to change - and for a friend to lend you a hand.
Other: Takes place during the Battle of the Sound in 1658. Written for the Nordipalooza fest at Livejournal. (Original post). Many thanks to Pru and Icelilly for encouragement, and Clara and Sea for some advice on geography.

Sound Dues )
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Title: Black Earth, Blue Sky
Characters/Pairing: Denmark/Norway
Rating: 18+
Length: ~4300
Summary: Denmark likes the way it feels to get his hands dirty, and Norway likes seeing him working in the garden more than he would outright admit.
Other: Written for the Nordic Romance fest. (Original entry)

Black Earth, Blue Sky )
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Title: Negotiations
Characters/Pairing: Denmark/Norway/Sweden
Rating: 18+
Length: ~7000
Summary: Denmark and Sweden make plans for Norway the night before May 17th... and then carry them out.
Other: First posted on the Hetalia Kink Meme in April (Original post) then later revised and posted on my LJ in May(Original entry).

Negotiations )
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Title: Mutual Understanding
Characters/Pairing: Denmark/Norway
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: ~630
Summary: Norway realizes exactly what his feelings for Denmark are.
Other: Written for a ficlet request thread at the APH anon meme in 2009, but not posted until 2012. (Original post)

Mutual Understanding )

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