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Title: All Clear
Fandom: Hetalia
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Denmark
Rating: 13+ for language + references to sex
Length: 1k
Summary: After the smoke settles, Netherlands is there. Denmark knows what he's really after, and that's fine - as long as he has someone to lean against.
Other: Set directly after the Battle of the Sound. Written for Sara Generis/Kanadka for Chocolate Box Exchange. :) [Original post]

All Clear )
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Title: A Man of Few Words
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Japan
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: 1k
Summary: Netherlands' letters have always been brief, but over the years, Japan has come to understand what he intends by them.
Other: I don't think I'll ever tire of the idea of these two in a long-distance friendship/relationship/agreement. <3
Japan is challenging to write... If there is anything that contradicts canon, please let me know.

A Man of Few Words )
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Title: On A Snowy Evening
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Norway
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: 725 words
Summary: An evening spent together, quiet and comfortable, is how Norway likes it.
Other: Written for Qichi. Happy birthday! Crossposted to tumblr here.

On A Snowy Evening )
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Title: Hyggelig
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Norway/Denmark
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: 500 words
Summary: On a night like this, with the three of them together, Denmark is grateful for what he has.
Other: I was taking requests on tumblr; Kremaclassi wanted some Ned/Nor/Den. No problem! [original post]

Hyggelig )
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Title: Your Rocky Spine
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Norway
Rating: 13+ for references to sex etc
Length: 700
Summary: And the mountains said I will find you here; they whispered the snow and the leaves in my ear
Other: My half of a fic trade with Qichi! Prompt was exploring differences between landscapes. [Original post]
Title (and fic, partially) was inspired by a song by Great Lake Swimmers.

Your Rocky Spine )
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Title: Straight Ice
Characters/Pairing: Norway/Netherlands
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: 260
Summary: Norway takes Netherlands skating, and Netherlands thinks about the differences in their landscapes.
Other: Prompt was Netherlands/Norway - Ice covered lakes. (Original post)

Straight Ice )
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Title: Autumn Photographs
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands and Belgium
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: ~530
Summary: Belgium decides to take some pictures while they're out walking together.
Other: Written for Fall Fandom Week on Tumblr. (Original Post)

Autumn Photographs )
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Title: Autumn Snow
Characters/Pairing: Norway/Netherlands
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: ~300 words
Summary: Autumn snow comes overnight and leaves in the morning. That's the kind of relationship Norway likes.
Other: Written for Fall Fandom Week on tumblr. (Original Post)

Autumn Snow )
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Title: Equilibrium
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Norway
Rating: 10+
Length: ~2000
Summary: Norway might like spending time with those he cares about, but sometimes, it's a bit overwhelming. Sometimes, rabbits are better company.
Other: I wanted to write something self-indulgent.

Equilibrium )
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Title: Susurrus
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Norway
Rating: 10+
Length: 630 words
Summary: Prompt was "Netherlands takes Norway on a boat ride in Giethoorn."
Other: Written for the APH Valentine Exchange on Tumblr. My recipient was Dennoring.

Susurrus )
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Title: Long way down
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands and Japan
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: ~190
Summary: His letter will get there before he does.
Other: Relationship ambiguous, can read as pairing if you want. Response to a ficlet challenge at the anonmeme, prompt was "A million miles". (Original post)

Long way down )
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Title: Loose Lips Sink Ships
Characters/Pairing: Belgium/Netherlands
Rating: 10+ish
Length: 158 words
Summary: Netherlands wakes up with a hangover and some pending apologies.
Other: Response to a ficlet challenge at the anonmeme. Prompt was 'Agony'. (Original post)

Loose Lips Sink Ships )
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Title: Windburn
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Iceland
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: ~1800 words
Summary: The canals are frozen over, so Netherlands decides to take Iceland skating. He isn't sure what to call their relationship, but whatever it is, he likes it.
Other: This was written for the Hetalia Rare Pairing Exchange on Tumblr. My recipient was Drunkentea. Prompt was Netherlands/Iceland - Scarf.

Windburn )
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Title: Sound Dues
Characters/Pairing: Denmark and Netherlands
Rating: 10+ ish
Length: ~1800 words
Summary: Sometimes there just isn't anything you can do except wait for the wind to change - and for a friend to lend you a hand.
Other: Takes place during the Battle of the Sound in 1658. Written for the Nordipalooza fest at Livejournal. (Original post). Many thanks to Pru and Icelilly for encouragement, and Clara and Sea for some advice on geography.

Sound Dues )
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Title: Untitled
Characters/Pairing: France->Norway, Netherlands
Rating: E for Everyone
Length:~570 words
Summary: France shows up unexpectedly on Norway's doorstep; Norway has his troll friend show him out.
Other: Written for Nate. Originally posted on the APH anon meme (Original post). Unpolished.

Untitled )
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Title: Untitled
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Norway
Rating: 18+
Length: 377
Summary: Norway ties Netherlands down and does as he pleases with him.
Other: Written in response to a ficlet challenge on the APH anon meme. (Original post)

Untitled )

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