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Title: Sublime
Fandom: Hetalia
Characters/Pairing: femFrance/femNorway
Rating: 15+ for references to sex
Length: ~800 words
Summary: France tends to come on too strong - but there are things about her that are appealing, in a way.
Other: Written for an anonymous request. I recently read some things that dealt with the Alps and their relation to the concept of the aesthetic sublime, so I decided to employ that here. The idea of the sublime when applied to the Alps was originally (in the 18th/19th centuries) characterized by both attraction and repulsion, so it seemed suitable here, considering Norway's mixed feelings.

Sublime )
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Title: Like sunlight on the lake
Fandom: Hetalia
Characters/Pairing: Finland & Estonia
Rating: 0+/G
Length: 250 words
Summary: Summer, sunlight, and being together. What could be better?
Other: I was taking friendship-themed prompts to celebrate Ystävänpäivä, AKA Friends Day. [Original Post]

Like sunlight on the lake )
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Title: Remembering the Midnight Sun
Fandom: Hetalia
Characters/Pairing: Russia/Norway
Rating: 18+
Length: 1k
Summary: It's November now. November, and many, many years have passed since those days.
Other: Birthday fic for Qichi! Gratulerer med dagen!! And many more! :D
This fic has been translated into Russian by Moriell. You can read it in Russian over at Ficbook!

Remembering the Midnight Sun )
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Title: Unexpected Company
Fandom: Hetalia
Characters: Norway & a cat
Rating: 0+
Length: 1.5k
Summary: Norway adopts a cat? A cat adopts Norway? Why not both?
Other: Written for Qichi, for Trick or Treat exchange. [Original Post]

Unexpected Company )
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Title: As time moves we stay the same
Fandom: Hetalia
Characters/Pairing: Russia/Norway
Rating: 10+
Length: 800 words
Summary: They have settled into themselves. Time and borders shift, but they do not.
Other: Written for Qichi for Trick or Treat exchange. :) [Original post]

As time moves we stay the same  )
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Title: Grain and Fish
Fandom: Hetalia
Characters/Pairing: Russia/Norway
Rating: 18+/NSFW for sex and other things - please see warning.
Length: 1k
Summary: In the summer, the boats come from the north and east, and they bring the bear who is a man who is a nation with them.
Other: Set in the 19th century, during the time of the Pomor Trade. Written as a fairytale/magical realism/etc.

Warning is choose not to warn/read at your own risk because of varied weirdness that I can't think of a good label for.

Grain and Fish )
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Title: To ease the way
Characters/Pairing: Estonia/Finland
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: ~550
Summary: There is more power in words than one could dream of. Afterward, they meet again for some much-needed catching up.
Other: The events referred to are, of course, the Singing Revolution and the restored independence of Estonia. Some of the formulas in Finland's incantation are traditional. Others, well, I just made them up.
Written for Allekha for Chocolate Box Exchange. :) (Original post)

To ease the way )
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Title: The taste of honey
Characters/Pairing: Russia/Norway
Rating: 13+
Length: ~500
Summary: Sometimes, they spend their summer nights together. One night, Russia gives him a gift.
Other: Set during the 19th century.
Written for Qichi for Chocolate Box Exchange. :) (Original post)

The taste of honey )
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Title: All Clear
Fandom: Hetalia
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Denmark
Rating: 13+ for language + references to sex
Length: 1k
Summary: After the smoke settles, Netherlands is there. Denmark knows what he's really after, and that's fine - as long as he has someone to lean against.
Other: Set directly after the Battle of the Sound. Written for Sara Generis/Kanadka for Chocolate Box Exchange. :) [Original post]

All Clear )
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Title: Sentiment
Characters/Pairing: Estonia/Sweden
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: 227
Summary: Time changes things, but it won't change what they have between them.
Other: Written for a challenge at the [personal profile] aphanon_meme. Challenge was to grab a prompt from the Hetalia pairing generator and write a ficlet. Prompt was Estonia/Sweden - Nostalgia. (Original post)

Sentiment )
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Title: A Man of Few Words
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Japan
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: 1k
Summary: Netherlands' letters have always been brief, but over the years, Japan has come to understand what he intends by them.
Other: I don't think I'll ever tire of the idea of these two in a long-distance friendship/relationship/agreement. <3
Japan is challenging to write... If there is anything that contradicts canon, please let me know.

A Man of Few Words )
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Title: On A Snowy Evening
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Norway
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: 725 words
Summary: An evening spent together, quiet and comfortable, is how Norway likes it.
Other: Written for Qichi. Happy birthday! Crossposted to tumblr here.

On A Snowy Evening )
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Title: Sweet Cola
Characters/Pairing: Iceland -> America
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: 42 lines of poetry
Summary: He came in like a breeze. It knocked him down.
Other: Iceland -> America during WWII. During WWII, Iceland was occupied by the United States, who stepped in to relieve the original occupation from the British. The Americans left a lasting impression.

Sweet Cola )
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Title: Hyggelig
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Norway/Denmark
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: 500 words
Summary: On a night like this, with the three of them together, Denmark is grateful for what he has.
Other: I was taking requests on tumblr; Kremaclassi wanted some Ned/Nor/Den. No problem! [original post]

Hyggelig )
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Title: Rota Fortunae
Characters/Pairing: femSweden/Norway
Rating: 10+
Length: 750
Summary: As Norway falls, Denmark reaches his height, and Sweden rises. The wheel turns.
Other: Set during the Kalmar Union. Inspired by my friend Clara's tl;dr, as I was bored and she supplied me some wonderful ideas. :)

Rota Fortunae )
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Title: Your Rocky Spine
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands/Norway
Rating: 13+ for references to sex etc
Length: 700
Summary: And the mountains said I will find you here; they whispered the snow and the leaves in my ear
Other: My half of a fic trade with Qichi! Prompt was exploring differences between landscapes. [Original post]
Title (and fic, partially) was inspired by a song by Great Lake Swimmers.

Your Rocky Spine )
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Title: Two Under One Sky
Fandom: Hetalia & Mad Max: Fury Road
Characters/Pairing: Australia and Max Rockatansky
Rating: 10+ ish
Length: 2.7k
Summary: Australia meets someone while travelling down the roads in what's left of his land. He can't put his finger on it, but there's something about this Max guy that makes him feel that he can trust him.
Other: Hetalia + Mad Max crossover. Set some time after the events in Mad Max: Fury Road. I've seen people discussing the idea that Max might be quasi-immortal due to the "folk narrative" tone of the films and the way the timelines don't quite match up in a realistic way, so I decided to incorporate that.
*This fic has been translated into Russian by Moriell! You can read it at Ficbook here.

Two Under One Sky )
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Title: Firm Form, Soft Touch
Characters/Pairing: Norway/Denmark
Rating: 18+ for sex (negotiation, Norway topping, Denmark crossdressing, and other fun stuff)
Length: 5.6k
Summary: They've been close for a long time, but that doesn't mean that there isn't anything new left to learn about each other.
Other: Written for [community profile] nordipalooza fest (Original post). Prompt was Norway, Denmark - Frills.

Firm Form, Soft Touch )
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Title: Salmon Rolls
Characters/Pairing: Denmark and Sweden. References to Sweden->Finland.
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: 950
Summary: Denmark gives Sweden some badly-needed relationship advice.
Other: This is meant to be a companion fic to Worth Waiting For; the letter Sweden sent in that story is referred to here.

Salmon Rolls )
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Title: When the boats come in
Characters/Pairing: Russia/Norway
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: 300
Summary: Norway can't always make it up north when the Pomors come trading, but sometimes he can, and that's when they meet.
Other: Prompt was "Russia/Norway - Russenorsk and the Pomor Trade". (Original post)

When the boats come in )

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