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Title: Catch, grasp, hold
Fandom: Stand Still Stay Silent
Characters/Pairing: Lalli/Emil/Niko (OC)
Rating: Not Rated (it's not 18+ but uh... I don't know)
Length: 1k
Summary: They've caught hold of him, now, and he's not about to complain.
Other: Following along with the other stuff I've written, where Emil and Lalli become involved with Niko in Luleå. It's really obvious which part of this I wanted to write, so I'll just... leave this here.

Catch, grasp, hold )
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Title: Snapshots
Fandom: A Redtail's Dream
Characters/Pairing: Joona/Hannu
Rating: Not rated (Nothing explicit; just can't be bothered)
Length: 600 (6x100 words)
Summary: Snapshots in a relationship. Slivers of time.
Other: Written for Elleth for [community profile] multifandomdrabble. :D
Half of this is from Hannu's POV; half is from Joona's. This is chaptered on Ao3, but I think it works better viewed in one piece.

Snapshots )
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Title: Let me memorize your bones
Fandom: Stand Still Stay Silent
Characters/Pairing: Emil/Lalli
Rating: Not Rated* (see notes)
Length: 500 words
Summary: Lalli wants something, and Emil is willing to indulge him. How is it possible that anyone could have such perfect teeth?
Other: *This isn't porn, exactly, but it's definitely kink. Since I'm not sure what to rate it... NR it is! Prompt was "Hand and mouth". [Original post]

Let me memorize your bones )

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