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Title: Let me memorize your bones
Fandom: Stand Still Stay Silent
Characters/Pairing: Emil/Lalli
Rating: Not Rated* (see notes)
Length: 500 words
Summary: Lalli wants something, and Emil is willing to indulge him. How is it possible that anyone could have such perfect teeth?
Other: *This isn't porn, exactly, but it's definitely kink. Since I'm not sure what to rate it... NR it is! Prompt was "Hand and mouth". [Original post]

Let me memorize your bones

Bright white.

Two perfect rows of shining white bone. Completely straight.

Lalli ran a fingertip over them. Felt the textures, the sharpness at the tips. Their smooth creamy sides.

He peered at them through the flashlight's glare.

How were they so bright? And straight?

They didn't have a single chip, either. Somehow that was the most impossible thing of all.

Emil made a soft sound.

Lalli glanced at him.

Emil was squinting at him in the sharp light. He made a noise again.

After a second, Lalli understood. He turned the flashlight off, plunging them both into darkness, leaving them in the shadows beneath the bunk.

Maybe it was better this way. Lalli edged closer to Emil, who shifted to press against him. They were alone, but there was no way to be sure how long everyone else would be outside.

The light would attract attention if someone came in.

Fine. He didn't need to be able to see, anyway.

Lalli prodded his fingertips against Emil's mouth again, and Emil opened up for him easily.

He slid his fingers into that damp heat. Felt the slick, fleshy tongue press past the pads of his fingertips, slip along the undersides. He dragged his fingernails along Emil's teeth, relishing the way they clicked against bone.

There were things he wanted to ask. Things he couldn't ask.

Lalli wondered if his hands tasted like soap. They probably did. He had washed them more carefully than usual.

This wasn't a sudden idea. It had been on his mind for a while. Sometimes he saw Emil smile, showing those bright, perfect teeth. At times like that, Lalli wanted to look at them. Wanted to touch them. They were so bright and white and straight and perfect and he wanted to touch them over and over and over.

The soap was probably exactly why Emil gave him a weird look when Lalli put his fingers in his mouth.

But he didn't pull away. So he didn't mind. That must be it.

Lalli drew in a low, thick breath as Emil's lips closed around his fingers.

Then his jaw closed, too.

It was all Lalli could do to stop himself from pulling his hand back.

The press of bone against skin against flesh against bone, holding him there gently, just a light press. Lalli knew that human jaws were stronger than that. He knew that Emil could break his fingers. Bite them off. Snap them like carrots. Part of him screamed to pull his fingers away.

But Emil didn't bite down. And Lalli knew he wouldn't. He waited, and after a moment the press eased, and what he felt more than anything else was Emil's soft lips and hot, wet mouth around his fingers.

Lalli felt himself flush as the tongue slid, stroking the undersides, brushing slowly, slowly.

He understood, then. After a moment. And when Emil pressed close, and nudged him onto his back, Lalli let him.

Emil had indulged him. Now it was his turn.
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