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Title: Complement
Fandom: Stand Still Stay Silent
Characters/Pairing: Lalli/Emil/Niko (OC)
Rating: 0+
Length: 700 words
Summary: They look good together, the two of them.
Other: Well, I did plan to have Niko go to Sweden at some point, so... (What is timelines/logical progression, anyway. Well, this is not ~officially~ part of Niko's storyline). Prompt was "Lalli/Emil/OMC - Lalli likes to watch". [Original post]


Winter comes more quickly here than in Keuruu. Luleå is farther north than Lalli has ever expected to be.

There are a lot of things about this place that he didn't expect when he joined Emil and came here with him a year ago. The slight shift of the seasons is only one of them. It's small in comparison to other things. Like that one thing, that other person. The one who he never expected he'd see again.

The tiny room that Emil and Lalli have been allotted is the same size as the one Lalli had at Keuruu. It's cramped with three people in it. But in a case like this, Lalli can tolerate the closeness. It isn't as if they have to share the room with that one.

The third one, Niko, is only visiting, like he always does on the nights when Lalli isn't working. Like he does even when Lalli is working, sometimes, to visit Emil. He comes over to their warmth and open arms, bringing along his broad smile, claiming it's an excuse to get away from the chill and the dark of the coming winter. And maybe it is. But it's also the company, too. And he says that, sometimes. He says a lot of things.

They've grown closer now than any of them ever would have expected.

On nights like this, Lalli is content to sit himself at the foot of the bed and watch.

The lantern's light plays gently on Niko's round face. It splashes warmth onto the dull shades of his hair, and catches on the glass beads he's woven into it. Niko talks, and it's all nonsense. Lalli lets it go in one ear and out the other. Instead, he watches his hands.

Niko's fingers are threading carefully through golden hair. Emil's hair, as Emil rests with his head in Niko's lap, his eyes halfway shut. Lalli knows that he appreciates the attention, because attention from Niko is a different kind from the attention that Lalli gives him, and he likes both. A smile tugs at his lips because of something Niko said. Not quite the same smile he'd give to Lalli. This is different. Lalli listens.

"Your hair is so pretty! I love the colour. I know someone back home with hair just this colour, except it's also longer, so I guess it isn't really the same. But yours almost sparkles. And it's so soft..."

And he keeps going like that. And Emil keeps smiling. Lalli knows that he can't understand half of what Niko is saying, not when he's speaking in such a casual way as that, not with the way his accent tilts and rolls. But the half that Emil does understand is more than enough.

He lets Niko's voice wash over him. Then Emil replies, answering in Swedish to Niko's Finnish, puffed-up and pleased from the compliments.

"Oh, you like my hair, do you?"

Niko laughs. "Of course! You know, I..."

He keeps going. Lalli tunes him out again. Just watches, instead, because he likes to watch. Likes to see them together. Likes the way it looks when they're together.

Niko gives up playing with Emil's hair in favour of stroking his cheek instead. He brushes his fingertips along Emil's face and as they graze near his mouth Emil tilts his head to kiss at them.

They look similar, those two. Or at least they do now, at times like this, with Niko's hair washed gold by the warmth of the lantern light. Round-faced and built sturdy, the both of them. Emil is broader in all ways, even now that he has firmed up from how he was when Lalli first met him. But the light and shadow softens them both, smoothes out all the edges.

As Niko dips low to graze a kiss against Emil's forehead, Lalli looks. Watches. Keeps watching.

This closeness isn't for his benefit. He knows this. They get along well enough, the two of them.

But when Niko lifts his head again, and resumes playing with that soft golden hair, Lalli sees Emil looking at him through those half-closed eyes.

It isn't for his benefit, but it might as well be.

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