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Title: Catch, grasp, hold
Fandom: Stand Still Stay Silent
Characters/Pairing: Lalli/Emil/Niko (OC)
Rating: Not Rated (it's not 18+ but uh... I don't know)
Length: 1k
Summary: They've caught hold of him, now, and he's not about to complain.
Other: Following along with the other stuff I've written, where Emil and Lalli become involved with Niko in Luleå. It's really obvious which part of this I wanted to write, so I'll just... leave this here.

Catch, grasp, hold

They have him as soon as he's through the door.

Emil only has time to step into the small room he shares with Lalli, and get out a quick greeting, before the two of them are on him.

Lalli presses the door shut. Emil turns toward him, and feels Niko's arms coil around him from behind.

"What's going on?" Emil asks, even as he leans back a little into the hold.

"Oh, nothing." Niko's voice is cheerful, and though Emil can't see him, he sounds like he's all smiles as usual.

But this is different, Emil thinks. New. Ordinarily, neither of them would welcome him quite like this.

Lalli says nothing. Just looks over at Emil, silent, with an expression that he can't make out.

As Emil opens his mouth to ask, once again, what's going on, Lalli turns off the light As his eyes adjust, Emil realizes that the only light in the room comes from the glow of a few candles by the bedside.

Oh. Well then.

Emil can feel his cheeks heating. Whatever is going on, it isn't "nothing", and he can guess at what it might be. At least, in general. Those two have been planning something. He thinks of the previous night, when he heard them murmuring to each other in Finnish, their voices too low and their words too fast for him to understand what they were saying. The sound of their voices was soothing, and he hadn't thought to ask what they were talking about.

Maybe they had been planning something.

He can't see Lalli very well in the dim light, but after a moment there's no need to see him at all, because Lalli comes close to him, takes hold of his chin, and kisses him. Emil gives up any hope of asking for an explanation, because at this point, he doesn't want to. It's a long, lingering kiss, and when they break, it's only for a moment. Then Lalli kisses him again. He seems to be taking his time with it.

Niko's hands move, slipping up along Emil's chest to begin working at removing his clothing. Emil lets him work at the heavy winter coat, undo its clips, slip the zipper down the collar. At the same time, he leans back into him even more than he was before, and lets his eyes drift shut.

Even through the thick fabric, he can feel the sturdiness of Niko's frame, how solidly-grounded he is. Warm breath flutters against his skin as Niko mutters something near his ear; soft words, said to himself as he draws down the zipper on Emil's coat. What he's saying isn't meant for him, but there's still something about the sound of his voice that makes Emil sigh against Lalli's mouth.

Then he feels Niko nuzzling against him. Nosing along his cheek. Brushing kisses below his ear, and at his jaw – whatever he can reach. And as Lalli breaks the kiss, and murmurs something – not to Emil, but to Niko – Emil blinks his eyes open and realizes once again that he has no clue what's going on.

He draws in a sharp, half-dazed breath as Lalli moves to finish Niko's work of unzipping Emil's coat.

"What are you –"

"Oh, shh." Niko's mouth grazes the shell of Emil's ear. He speaks cheerfully, his voice light and teasing. "You understand what's happening, right?" The Swedish sounds awkward on his tongue, as always, but unlike when they first met, it's easy enough for Emil to understand him now.

"Well, I guess I...." The rest of what he wants to say dies as Lalli sinks to his knees. It's only a second later that Emil realizes he's undoing the lacings on his boots.

Niko trails one hand upward, cupping at Emil's cheek. He's wearing gloves, and the leather is soft against his skin, a sensation that makes Emil's eyes flutter shut. Emil can hear him draw in a breath to speak, can feel the warmth against his neck. "Me and Lalli are going to have some fun with you," Niko says after a pause, his accent thick and rolling. "Is that okay?"

As he speaks, Niko brushes his thumb against Emil's mouth. Without a second thought, Emil parts his lips against the leather. His breath catches as he feels the pad of Niko's thumb slip past his lips and into his mouth.

There's something about the texture of it against his mouth, the taste of it. Emil lets his tongue slide along the flat of it, feeling it out. Breathes in the thick scent of the glove, close and sharp and clean. Without realizing it, he softly closes his lips around the shape of Niko's thumb. Emil listens, and hears, the sound of Niko's breath catching. Feels his fingers tighten slightly against the shape of his jaw. They're both imagining something else, and they both know it.

It slides from his mouth a moment later, the pad of Niko's gloved thumb stroking against Emil's lips, gently pressing them shut as if to say, Not yet, before Niko cups his face again. To that, Emil takes in a breath, tries to ground himself, resisting the urge to open his mouth like an offering. He searches for something else to think about. Lalli.

Lalli is below. On the floor. Between his feet. His hands slide along Emil's waist, deftly undoing his belt, slipping leather from holes. But he isn't only working; he's taking his time with it. As he feels those bony knuckles brush against his crotch it's all Emil can do to stop himself from moaning, or collapsing back against Niko, or something equally embarrassing.

"Well?" Niko's voice is light and cheerful, like he knows what the answer will be. His other arm, coiled around Emil's waist, tightens its hold a little, as if to keep him there, or stop him from slipping, as if he knows how flustered Emil is already.

"Okay," Emil gasps.

That's all he can manage at the moment.

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XD Yeah I can kind of tell which part you wanted to write BUT THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE DANG. Glove-sucking, just slay me. resisting the urge to open his mouth like an offering, okay guh.

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I am transparent. :D It was so fun though. (I'M NOT EVEN INTO GLOVES.... or am I????)

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