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Title: Points of Contact
Fandom: Stand Still Stay Silent
Characters/Pairing: Emil/Lalli
Rating: E for Everyone
Length: 33 lines of poetry
Summary: Three moments, three kisses.
Other: Written for Aki, because we were discussing how these two need to kiss more in my writing. :)

Points of Contact

The first kiss is rushed,
stolen in the falling dark.
Emil barely realizes what it is
before it's over.
Then Lalli is gone -
the door closes.
He looks out the window,
brings his fingertips to his mouth
watches Lalli's thin back disappearing
in the setting sun's glare.
Sleep doesn't come that night.

The second kiss is no better.
Emil builds himself up, waits,
walks on eggshells
hoping for the perfect moment.
One morning Lalli is late returning -
Emil grabs him,
touches his face
lets his worry spill out in words,
kisses him too quickly.
The wide-eyed stare he gets
lasts one moment, lasts two.

The third kiss comes on the edge of sleep,
dry lips grazing soft
against his forehead.
Emil opens his eyes
and there Lalli sits
silent shadow at the bunk's edge.
Why are you -
Fingertips press to his mouth
and Lalli dips his head,
closes the space between them.
There are no more questions.

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