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Title: Save the Coffee For Later
Fandom: A Redtail's Dream
Characters/Pairing: Jonna/Hannu
Rating: 18+
Length: 3.5k
Summary: After a long day at work, Jonna comes to Hannu's house. She says it's for coffee, but maybe he'll help her relax a little, first. Maybe.
Other: I started writing this one about a year ago, and I'm so glad that I'm finally done with it.

Save the Coffee For Later

"I'll stop by your place for a while after work," Jonna had said, smiling at him as he slipped on his jacket at the end of his shift. Hannu took this as he usually did – giving her a nod, muttering some acknowledgment.

"Okay, fine. I'll make sure there's coffee."

She always seemed to expect something else. Not that she said it, but there was something in the way she looked at him that told him there should be something else, some kind of gesture or word or... something. But until Jonna told him what she expected, Hannu decided, that was all she was going to get from these regular visits: coffee, and time alone with him, and whatever she wanted, as long as she asked for it.

The whole 'having a girlfriend' thing was taking more effort than Hannu had expected. Not that he had given it much thought in the beginning. Jonna was the one who started... well, everything. She was the one who had kissed him the first time, and she was the one who suggested they start seeing each other, and she was the one who kept coming around. That was all.

Hannu glanced at the clock, then put the coffee on. He still didn't understand why she wanted to see him so much, why Jonna came by so often. Sure, they were in a relationship – even if that felt weird to think about – but they saw each other every day at work. It was kind of dumb, when he thought about it that way. They didn't need to see each other.

...Not that he minded much. Most days, it was all right. She'd come to his house. They'd sit together, curled up next to each other on the couch, watching movies. Or they'd fill up a thermos with coffee, and take Ville out, going down by the lake to enjoy the fresh air and the cool breeze coming from the water. When they returned, she would kiss him before heading home, draw him close and cup his face, press her lips against his in the shade of his porch. Or sometimes, she would come inside with him, and not leave until late in the evening.

It was all right.

There was a knock on the door, and then it opened. They'd long passed the point when she would wait to be invited in. "Hey, it's me."

"Hey," Hannu replied. She sounded tired, he thought. More than she usually would after work. He went to her, Ville following by at his feet. She was slipping off her jacket with a sigh, hair falling in her face as it slid out of its messy ponytail. "Long day?" he asked.

"Yeah. Things got pretty crazy after you left." She bent to ruffle at Ville's ears, smiling a little. "Like the whole village decided to show up at once."


"And there was this one woman – man, she wouldn't take no for an answer. She kept arguing with me when I told her that we were out of what she wanted." Jonna stood, brushing her hair out of her face. Swept it back again, tucked it behind her ears. Up close, she didn't only sound tired; she looked it, too. "Coffee?"


There was something he should do in a situation like this, Hannu thought as he set the mugs on the counter. Even if she wasn't hinting at it, or doing that thing where she looked at him like she expected something from him. Maybe the fact that she wasn't hinting at anything was a sign that he should do something. But what?

Maybe coffee could wait a minute or two. Hannu turned to her, trying to think quickly. What did she like? He knew a few things, at least well enough. Kissing... obviously. Right. Hannu lifted his hands, trying not to feel self-conscious as he cupped Jonna's cheeks. If she had anything to say about it, he didn't give her time to reply, tilting his head to kiss her before she could say anything. The soft, confused noise she muffled against his mouth almost made him think she might pull away, but after a second her arms wrapped around him, and that was good enough.

Maybe her day had been worse than she'd made it sound. There was something about the way she held on to him, clinging a little, that made him think about it. The way she sighed against him.

"What was that all about?" she said, when the kiss broke and he drew away a little.

"Nothing," Hannu mumbled. Because it was nothing. It was –

She dipped her head, nosing along his cheek, brushing a kiss there. Hesitant, like she was waiting for something. That was easy enough to guess at, even more when her hands came up, trailing fingers over his shoulders.

Hannu held back a sigh and kissed her again. As he felt her soften against him, he decided not to wonder about why she liked this so much. It didn't matter. What mattered was that she did like this, and that she wanted it. That was clear enough from the way her fingers threaded through his hair, the way she leaned against the kitchen counter and pulled him against her, the way her lips parted into the kiss for him.

Okay, he thought, settling his hands on her waist, gently sweeping his tongue over her lower lip. It's fine. I can do this for you.

If her day really had been that bad – and it must have, for her to be clinging like this – then it was okay.

Just as long as she didn't get used to it.

They stayed that way for a while, pressed against the counter. Hannu kept the kiss firm and listened to the sound of her sighs against his mouth. He followed through as she parted her lips to take him in, slid past them to stroke gently at her tongue. Her hands made him sigh as they slid through his hair, winding the strands around her fingers as she tilted his head up a little.

It wasn't until she shifted, parting her feet so that she could pull him more firmly against her, that he started to suspect she might want something else. Something more than this. Hannu hesitated, then pressed close to her, taking in the shape of her body against his, the way she shivered and let out a soft, pleased sound as his hands slid to her hips. He broke the kiss, giving a gentle bite to her lower lip. Nosed against her cheek, brushing another kiss there, listening to her breathing. Took in the rhythm, noticing how quick it was.

She was blushing. Just a little. He could feel it.

Okay, Hannu thought. It was easy enough to tell where she wanted to go from there.

Ordinarily, this wasn't how it would go. Instead, Jonna would direct him, taking the lead, push him – sometimes literally. More than once, she'd shoved him against the nearest flat surface, and he'd been fine with letting her take whatever she wanted. But this time was different. As she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pressed her face to the crook of his neck, he tried to decide what to do.

Right, Hannu told himself. It isn't as if she wants to talk about it. You can do this.

"Coffee can wait. D'you want to go lie down for a while?"


Smooth, Hannu thought. Way to sound stupid about it. "With me," he clarified. The words came out more sharply than he meant them to.

That didn't seem to bother her. But it did take a moment or two before she understood what he meant. There was a pause, as she seemed to think it over. Then she got it, and let out a soft huff of a laugh against his neck. "I dunno," Jonna murmured. "Since when are you into cuddling?" But from her voice, he could tell that she was smiling.

"It's okay," Hannu said. Paused. "...Take the offer, or leave it."

Another laugh. "Okay, okay," Jonna said, drawing away enough to graze a kiss over his cheek. "That sounds good to me."

His bedroom was dark, with only a sliver of sunlight slipping in through the blinds. Hannu thought about switching on the lamp, but decided against it. The darkness was fine. Instead, he turned his attention to Jonna, and the way she signed as she flopped down onto his bed as if she owned it, her eyes drifting shut.

"You look like you need a nap," Hannu said, sinking down onto the edge of the bed.

"Oh, screw off." She cracked her eyes open. Smiled at him a little. "I'm okay."

"You look tired."

"Since when are you so concerned?"

She had a point. That didn't mean he was going to answer it. "I could leave you here...."

"Hell no. You promised cuddles. Now, get over here." She lifted a hand, beckoning him to comply, and he did. That was what he was used to; typical Jonna, directing him where to go. But as Hannu went to lie down next to her, taking up his place with her on the narrow bed, he couldn't shake the feeling that there was something else she wanted, but didn't want to ask for.

There was something about the way she sprawled over the bed. Something about the way she edged close to him as he sank down next to her. The way her head tilted toward him, tired eyes sliding her gaze over his face. Even if she was smiling, there was... something.

Hannu reached out, brushing his fingertips over her cheek, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. He watched as her eyes fluttered shut. Maybe she did want nothing more than to have some downtime with him. Or... He thought back to that moment in the kitchen, the way she had pulled him against her. No, there was something else.


He kissed her. Tilted his head enough to press a soft, hesitant kiss to her mouth. Felt her fingertips trailing, sliding along his shoulder, almost as if unable to decide. Then, as she kissed him back, she gripped him and pulled him on top of her.

It was easy enough, because he'd been expecting it. Hannu braced his arms on the mattress, sank his fingers into Jonna's loose hair, gently cupped her head as he settled himself over her, and then kissed her again.

He doubted he would ever understand why she liked this so much, but that didn't matter. She sprawled out under him, sighing as she moved in such a way that one of his legs slid between her thighs. And as she wrapped herself around him, and slid her fingertips down his back, she seemed satisfied with that - for the moment.

There'd be more later. Other things. There always was something else.

Sometimes, it was easier. It was always easier when she'd dip her head to speak quietly by his ear and tell him exactly what she wanted him to do. Or when she'd take things into her own hands, push him down and get him out of his clothes. It was such a rush to look up at her while she was stripping him; she always had a look that was somewhere between amused and pleased with herself. But when she did this....

Hannu sighed against her mouth. It was like she was watching him, waiting to see what he would do if everything was left up to him. Frustrating.

This shouldn't even be your problem anyway, he told himself as he nuzzled along her neck. Untangling one of his hands from her hair, he let it trail down, let it slide. It wasn't his responsibility to improve her mood, was it? And she was over here too often anyway.

Oh, well.

It was all right. It didn't matter that much, anyway. After all, he'd never really had any trouble keeping her happy.

All he had to do was pay attention.

And that was what he did: pay attention. Hannu slid his hands over her, and paid attention. Took in the way she shifted under him, moving to give him more room. The way she arched up against him, pressed up against him, rolling her hips to send a flush spreading over his cheeks. As he slid his palm over the curve of her breast, she gripped his hair and pulled him in for a kiss again.

It was getting harder to concentrate. But as he slid his tongue into her mouth again, grinding slowly against her, pressing her to the mattress, Hannu decided it was... fine. And as Jonna let out a quiet sound against his mouth, it was more than fine.

After a while, it was easy to relax into it. To let his hands move, let them slide, dip beneath her clothing to brush slow fingertips along the skin at her hips. And when they parted long enough to speak, Hannu thought for only a second before murmuring, "Do you want to...?"

"Do I want to what?"

Hannu pressed his face to her neck. "Ugh, you know what," he muttered.

"Nah." Jonna was grinning. He didn't need to look at her in order to know it. He could hear it in her voice. "You'll have to be a little clearer." Her fingers trailed slowly down his back, almost like she was thinking something over. Almost like she was waiting.

Hannu huffed. Fine, he thought. Then, out loud, repeated it. "Fine." Pause. "Do you want coffee, or do you want to have sex?"

"Both. Sex first, then coffee." She ruffled his hair. Laughed. "Since we're halfway there already."



Jonna was right, after all. They were halfway there. Or at least he was. At this point, he couldn't deny that. There was something about the shape of her against him, the heat of her body beneath him. The swell of her breasts against his chest. The friction between them as she rolled her hips upward.

Hannu closed his eyes and kissed her and held back a soft moan as he ground against her. If they went at it like this, and didn't even bother to get out of their clothes, he wouldn't mind.

But her hands were moving, dipping beneath his clothing, trailing up his back, and he knew that she wouldn't stand for that, she wasn't in the mood for that, she wanted something else, and -

Before he could finish that thought, his back was to the mattress. Hannu let out a yelp as she flipped him, staring up at her as he caught his breath, wide-eyed, flushing.

Jonna pinned his shoulders. Straddled him. Dipped her head to look at him in the dim light. Grinned. "Scared you, didn't I?"

"No." His hands moved to set on her hips. Slide down to her long thighs. Then up again. Deep breath. Steady, even as she ground down against him. It was hard to think, hard to concentrate. He'd been trying to direct things himself....

All that fucking effort just to have her turn on him like this.

This isn't fair, he thought, and as she kissed him, he decided to turn it on her. As he opened his mouth for her, he let his hand slide. Along her thigh, trailing his fingertips over the fabric with incredible slowness. Inward, moving just as slowly. Pressing between her legs. Slipping along the seam. Groping her through her clothing. And as she rocked down against his hand, he could tell by the movement and the moan she muffled against his mouth that she liked that well enough.

Hannu breathed. Tried to steady himself, tried to think straight as he worked to undo the front of her jeans, one-handed, fumbling. As she huffed at his effort, muffling a laugh against his mouth, he held back a growl. Finally, he slipped his hand inside.

What he found was heat, wet, slick. If he had been wondering whether or not what he had been doing was any good, that was proof that it was. Or at least it was good enough, Hannu thought as he slid his fingers inward, then swept them up again, stroking in slow circles to draw a familiar moan out of her.

Sometimes, it was hard to figure out what Jonna wanted in those moments when she wanted to take it into her own hands, or when she wouldn't just tell him, or when she tried to make him read her mind.

This wasn't one of those times. Not any more.

They had to part, after a while. When their kiss broke, he nudged her away. Slipped his hands to the hem of her shirt. Didn't say a word. She didn't either; only smiled down at him as he helped her out of her clothing. He still didn't say anything as she moved to strip him, fitting her mouth over his, kissing him once more as she tugged off his pants.

Neither of them needed to say anything, anyway. The only thing they did say was brief, soft, a hurried rush of breath as she paused, her hand between his legs.

"You have condoms, right?"



Anything else that he might have said fell quiet on his lips as she coiled her fingers around him, stroked him, brought him through to hardness. Never mind that he was halfway there already. Well. Maybe more than halfway. He felt himself blush as she kissed him.

Still, there was a part of him that wanted to set things straight. Quit screwing around already, Hannu thought as he rocked into her hand and let her kiss him. Do you want me to take some initiative here, or what? Or maybe -

As she parted from him, and they stared at each other, panting in the dim light, he decided it didn't matter that much, anyway. It never did.

He watched the narrow line of her back as she moved to search in the bedside table for the box and the packet. They had done this so many times. The two of them were used to it, almost used to it, or at least Jonna always seemed to know what she was doing. When she touched him. When she rolled the barrier down over him, her hands moving without fumbling. When she nosed along his cheek, grazed her lips there, and waited.

Waiting. Again. Hannu drew in a shaking breath. Normally, she would push him around and direct him where she wanted him to go. Shove him down flat against the mattress. Straddle him. Ride him. But now she was waiting.

Hannu considered, for a moment, what to do. Then he kissed her. Nudged her down, pushed her onto the mattress. She went down easily, sprawling out on his bed as if she owned it, her long arms slipping up to coil around his shoulders.

She was smiling.

Okay, he thought. All right, then. So this was how she wanted it.

As he guided himself inside of her, he decided, it was all right, even if he'd rather she just say it.

It didn't hurt to be clear about things, did it?

But before long, he wasn't thinking much. He didn't have to think much. Because while it was hard to figure it out along the way, now, Jonna couldn't be any clearer. And that was all right. He sank deep into her, rocked into her, rolled his lips and let out a soft groan. She felt good.

It wasn't magic. It wasn't special. But it did feel good. And as he listened, and took in the sound of her sighs and gasps, it sounded like she felt the same way.

Sex or coffee. That was what he'd asked. And she'd said, "Both." In that order. And that was all right.

He stopped thinking. It didn't take long for that to happen. When she slid her fingers through his hair and cupped the back of his head and gently, gently, pulled him down to kiss her yet again. When it became impossible to think of anything else, because he was over her and she was under him and her fingernails were digging into his shoulders. When she gasped, softly at first, but then those sounds turned into moans that drowned out his own noises.

It was over. Eventually.

When they were finished, they rested together, his face pressed to the crook of her neck. They had separated for a moment to clean up. But then they pressed together again. It wasn't that he didn't want to leave her; it was only that she was warm, and she seemed to like it, and -

It was just fine.

That didn't stop him from murmuring, "The coffee will taste like crap if we stay here like this all evening."

Jonna laughed. It was light, it was breathless, it was happy.

She sounded happy.

Okay, Hannu thought.

Maybe he couldn't read her mind, but he'd tried, and that was good enough.

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