Apr. 9th, 2017

roesslyng: (A Redtail's Dream - Twins)
Title: Exhale
Fandom: A Redtail's Dream
Characters/Pairing: Jonna/Hannu
Rating: 13+
Length: 7 lines prose-poetry
Summary: They stood in the dark and waited and listened.
Other: Prompt was Sssh-. [Original Post]

Exhale )
roesslyng: (Snow - Heart)
Title: You carry what they load on you
Fandom: A Redtail's Dream
Characters: Jouko Kuikka & the twins
Rating: 0+
Length: ~500
Summary: It was a long day, but a good one. ...And it's still a good one, even if nothing is ever quite perfect.
Other: Prompt was "Any Kuikkas - the little timber sledge". [Original post]

You carry what they load on you )
roesslyng: (Coffee - Cozy)
Title: The lies I took to heart
Rating: 0+
Length: 8 lines
Other: If your elders are still alive, talk to them whenever the opportunity arises.

The lies I took to heart )
roesslyng: (Coffee)
Title: Summer in Nacmine
Rating: 0+
Length: 10 lines
Other: I still always put my Coke in a glass first.
This one is a companion to "The lies I took to heart". They were originally just one poem, but I decided they were better if separated.

Summer in Nacmine )
roesslyng: (YiH - Fresh air)
Title: As long as you need
Fandom: Year in Hereafter
Characters: Sakari & Veeti
Rating: 0+
Length: 50 lines
Summary: Take as long as you need - but not too long.
Other: I expect these two will have a lot to talk about once Veeti's finally awake and they're both in the same location again, but in the meantime....

As long as you need )

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